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For all of us, COVID-19 has made life look very different. In the midst of a challenging time, we remain certain: we need the hope and love of Jesus, and so do our kids.

That's why we are partnering with The Spring Tempe to deliver virtual vacation bible school throughout these Summer months. We invite you to join us every Sunday--from May 31st - August 9th, 2020--at 11 a.m. via Zoom for a thirty minute lesson for our kids.

Zoom Meeting ID: 913 9444 0277 | Password: spring

Summer VBS consists of 11 commonly known bible stories, taking a break from our normal sermon-based curriculum. The reason for this is to welcome new families and children into our classrooms with hearing God’s word, making new friends, and building our church community. So please invite your friends!

The lessons are short, consisting of fun games, discussion, and friendship building activity.

This 11 week series will be used every summer, regardless of the pandemic, as an opportunity to invite friends to church. Though we love sermon-based curriculum to our core we do not typically steer away from difficult topics because we believe in teaching God’s word in it’s entirety, strong biblical education, and not cherry picking our favorite verses. These topics are obviously discussed on an age appropriate level, but are not always as fun to hear about as stories like Jonah or Noah. I hope you will take the time on Sunday’s to join us this summer and invite a friend or family member to join. Please email Jessica if you have any questions.

Our Summer VBS will include the following schedule
Week 1, 5/31: Creation

Week 2, 6/7: The Fall (part 1)

Week 3, 6/14: The Fall (part 2)

Week 4, 6/21: Father Abraham (Happy Father’s Day!)

Week 5, 6/28: Noah

Week 6, 7/5: The Plagues

Week 7, 7/12: The Ten Commandments

Week 8, 7/19: Battle of Jericho

Week 9, 7/26: David and Goliath

Week 10, 8/2: Daniel and the Lions Den

Week 11, 8/9: Jonah

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