Creating partnerships with local ministries for the betterment of our neighborhood and city

Local partners working together for the Flourishing of phoenix

Hope women's center

Hope Women's.png

For over 36 years, Hope Women's Center has provided a safe haven for at-risk women

and girls to get back on their feet. The Spring Midtown has been partnering with Hope Women's Center since the start of 2020, both meeting in their space on Sunday morning and serving their community in a variety of ways, from food drives to on-site service. Learn more below:


Feed our babies


Feed Our Babies is a local food bank focused on meeting the needs of children in our immediate neighborhood. During our present worldwide pandemic, our church community can help by donating a variety of food items. For more information, visit their website here.

Loving our neighbors during a pandemic

As Christians, we always want to be people of hope in a world in desperate need of it. This means, even during an unprecedented pandemic here in the U.S., we are finding creative and encouraging ways to help those we live and work with. Here are some ideas for this season, from our church body and beyond:

-Paint rocks with encouraging words or notes and leave them on doorsteps

-Offer to do some yard work for your neighbor

-Sit outside often, particularly around times when people are out and about, and start friendly conversations

-Text coworkers and neighbors encouraging bible verses, stories, or passages 

If you or someone you know has creative and unique ideas, feel free to email clint.springpeople@gmail.com to fill us in!