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Faith and the world:

Public Forums at The Spring

Tired of all the back and forth political fighting? Wanting to engage in healthy political dialogue informed by faith?

Check out our forum event to learn how our faith can actually transform our ballots, and therefore our world:

Speaker Biographies

John Kaites

jonathan larkin

Adam mcanally

John Kaites is an American entrepreneur and attorney who has served in the Arizona State House of Representatives and Senate. After serving his terms in state government, he started a law firm that spun off of a previous lobbying firm. As he continued to work in law, his faith continued to evolve, and at age 42 he attended Fuller Theological Seminary where he started on a path of personal transformation that continues today. He began taking the words of Christ in the gospels and the books of Acts and turning them into secular business principles. This led to an exponential growth in financial wealth, and he has continued to emphasize the importance of his faith in all areas of his life. His current ministry is not only business, but he helps pastors and churches to bring people to faith in Christ using current culture and a model for increasing ministry revenue, outside of the collective plate.

Jonathan Larkin is a Marine Corps veteran and a former elected official of the Arizona State Legislature. During his service in the Marine Corps Mr. Larkin specialized in Supply Chain Operations serving in Fallujah, and Ali Asad, Iraq as well as the South Pacific. In 2012 while working for Fry’s Food Stores he was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives where he served as the ranking member on the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Technical Management from DeVry University in addition to a Masters in Global Management from Arizona State University; Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Adam McAnally is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church, and he served on the Spring Board in Tempe from 2014-2016.He currently works for Salt River Project in their Regulatory Policy department. He received his BA from the University of Arizona in Political Science and his Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University with an emphasis in Finance. He also currently serves on the boards of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations. Adam, his wife Elena, and their daughters Isabella and Eva live in midtown Phoenix.

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Speaker Biographies

Warren is a passionate pastor who preaches the gospel in a powerful way that ignites listeners to pursue their purpose. Over the last 20 years, Warren has fostered diverse relationship capital that builds bridges for all people and forwards proactive change in our culture through servant leadership. As an influencer, Warren uses his voice to forward strategy and solutions in the community through faith-based and civic engagement projects. He is a chosen prominent leader of activist movements and conversations around social justice, diversity and equality, systemic injustice, police accountability, foster care, women’s rights, immigration advocacy, and racial reconciliation.

As a servant leader, Rev. Curry’s mission is to serve humankind, and empower others to use their God-given gifts with excellence and to the glory of God. Rev. Curry is very active in the community. She has served as the Chair of the Board of Seeking Doors, Inc., and is a member of the African American Advisory Council for Congressional District 7. She has received numerous awards including the Positively Powerful Woman Award for Spiritual Leadership in 2012, and the NAACP 2016 Image Award for Religion, the Global Women’s Summit Award for Leadership and the Desert Mountain Conference YPD Pastor of the Year.

Marc has been following and loving Jesus for 30 years, despite what has happened to him and around him. Although he says he has no formal theological credentials his favorite verses are Psalm 139:23-24; Proverbs 4:23; 1 Peter 4:8; and 1 John 4:20-21. He is a pilot for American Airlines, an accomplished flutist, and he is an elder at The Spring Church in Tempe. He and his wife, Katie, are committed followers of Jesus, and are constantly devoting themselves to service for the Kingdom.

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