Learning God's Call In Your Life 

every one of us has Unique gifts.

We want to help you unleash them.

The Spring Midtown's Apprenticeship program is designed to vocationally equip young leaders through on-the-ground ministry and discipleship in the local church. Our goal, through this program and many more like it around the country, is to recruit and train leaders to plant or revitalize 1,000 churches nationwide by 2030. The program has three goals for each apprentice:

1. Develop hands-on discipleship skills in a functioning church plant by prioritizing the following:

  • Assisting the church in the development and execution of its discipleship pathway

  • Engaging in pastoral conversations with congregants

  • Experience and develop skills for entrepreneurial ministry 

2. Learn about effective outreach in a 21st century, American context through:

  • Partnering with local ministries

  • Identifying contextual hurdles to faith and engaging them

  • Creating relational, ground-level connections within the church's neighborhood/community

3. Discern calling by:

  • Creating a Rule of Life, practicing spiritual disciplines, and continuing education

  • Learning the ordination process and Commissioned Lay Pastor (CLP) track within ECO

  • Being mentored by a local pastor 

Interested in taking the next step in your spiritual journey?

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Midtown Pastoral Apprentice 

Description: The Pastoral Apprentice will assist the Pastors and Elder Board of The Spring Midtown with planning and implementing the discipleship pathway, providing opportunities for congregants and visitors alike to grow and serve in the Kingdom, and growing in their capacity and acumen for entrepreneurial ministry on a local church level, while also maintaining a consistent rhythm of spiritual disciplines and learning habits in their own relationship with Christ.


  • Assist with creating/developing Midtown's discipleship pathway

  • Assist with research for discipleship development and opportunities for engagement

  • Connect people into groups, manage group database, make sure group information is up to date, manage welcome cards/surveys/responses, etc.

  • Work with staff and elders to execute and improve online and in-person Sunday morning services

  • Help foster digital discipleship through online and social media engagement

  • Recruit, train, schedule and retain volunteers for church ministry teams

  • Lead outreach and discipleship events and empower church members to the same work

  • Assist with creating an atmosphere of hospitality in the church

  • Develop and provide direction for additional programming such as worship activities, prayer events, and service opportunities 

Educational Component:

  • Learn a variety of spiritual practices for formation and self-care

  • Learn basic Trinitarian theology, Christology and pitfalls (heresies)

  • Learn a basic outline of church history and reformed theology

  • Learn about their spiritual gifts and be able to articulate strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn about and engage in appropriate pastoral care

  • Learn the mechanics of starting and leading a local church

  • Feel loved and cared for

  • Feel a strong sense of ownership of their ministry task

  • Feel a sense of camaraderie among other staff and apprentices

  • Feel that they are participating in something greater than themselves

  • Regularly practice spiritual disciplines

  • Read and discuss all books assigned by mentor

  • Take several personality and gifting assessments

  • Participate in quarterly spiritual formation retreats

  • Participate in a preaching cohort to improve preaching ability

  • Give 2 sermons in a worship setting

  • Consistently practice entrepreneurial ministry (initiate, invite, follow through)

  • Build relationships with non-Christian neighbors

  • Participate and become immersed in community alongside other believers

  • Participate in fundraising training and raise funds