We hold the bible as a central authority, for our lives as individuals and for the Church and its structure and doctrine.

We believe in the Trinity: that God is one Substance in three persons - Father, Son and Spirit. The creeds of the Church have much to say on this and we trust them.

We believe that all human beings were made in the image of God, with dignity, precious and wonderful. 

We believe that humanity has defaced God’s image with sin and live in a miserable condition apart from the God we were designed to love, serve and enjoy.

We have been offered the grace of God, through Israel’s messiah, Jesus Christ. His life, death and resurrection fix the problem of sin. This is possible because he is truly human and truly god, like us in every way, but without sin. How the incarnation works is a mystery of faith; that it works is central to all we say and do.

We believe that entrusting ourselves entirely to Christ restores us to true and abundant life.

We believe that those who come to Christ for the forgiveness of sins must be baptized. Baptism occurs in community and involves committing to a new way of life, renouncing sin and past behavior and choosing to live into the holiness to which we have been recalled. No part of human life is off limits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

We love and practice the sacraments, baptism and communion. they are mysterious gifts that nourish the Church. We are okay with their mystery.

We are (gently) reformed theologically, which means that we believe that God loved us first, loves us still, and that his love always moves faster than we do. God’s love chooses us, and we respond with a life of obedience.

The Spring aligns itself with the Eco Presbyterian denomination. For more details, and an exhaustive statement of faith, follow the link below: