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Rule of life

We live in a world that is constantly inundating us with noise - work, traffic, T.V., podcasts, radio, news, sports. It can make us feel overwhelmed, like our life is passing us by. Believe it or not, this has always been the case, and Christians for centuries have sought to develop rhythms and practices to combat this noisiness in order to know God and ourselves more deeply. This is what a Rule of Life does.

Midtown Monday Studies

Journey through the Psalms with this video series led by Pastor Luke Parker! Learn all about the important themes, language, and messages of Scripture in these insightful and helpful studies.


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Community Groups

We are people who are made for community, doing life alongside one another. We learn about ourselves, about life, and about God in meeting together, and you are welcome to join us. Check out our community groups here.

Recommended Books

Learn more about scripture, Jesus, and the Christian life by digging in to some of these essentials books, compiled by the staff here at The Spring Midtown

Service and Outreach

Christian community is not only built for itself. It is instead meant to serve, prioritizing the good of the neighborhood and city surrounding it. Join us in our service and outreach opportunities!

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